• Bad Apple, Bad Tree, Bad Orchard

    This is what happens every time a straight white male does something terrible in the United States - the conversation in majority society becomes about how he is a “bad apple.” This happens when … Continue Reading

    Bad Apple, Bad Tree, Bad Orchard
  • Doctrine of Discovery Series

    Last October I attended the 4th annual Church of All Nations conference in Minnesota. The theme was "This Land is My Land?" and it concerned the Doctrine of Discovery - the theological, and legal … Continue Reading

    Doctrine of Discovery Series
  • Podcasting Against Hell

    Last time we talked about this we were using ethical arguments against the doctrine of eternal conscious torment. This time we're dipping into the theological bucket. Hell makes an unholy mess of your … Continue Reading

    Podcasting Against Hell
  • What Is LectionARIC?

    There was no LectionARIC episode last week because Andrew and I were making something else amazing which we will share with you this summer. This week I'm back, but I'm taking a moment to talk about … Continue Reading

    What Is LectionARIC?