• Obligatory Birthday Reflection

      On my 35th birthday, leave it to me to be thinking about how I am now pretty much half dead. Now, this might not be quite fair, since I have only been a adult for about half that time, and … Continue Reading

    Obligatory Birthday Reflection
  • The Theory of Everything

    This article contains SPOILERS, but then the movie is biographical so it's all public anyway. What is worth celebrating in human experience? The film The Theory of Everything exists because … Continue Reading

    The Theory of Everything
  • Following Jesus, Literally

    Christian Piatt is following A.J. Jacobs and Rachel Held Evans and others in doing an 18 month project, a human experiment, which will end up as a book. He is going to try to "follow Jesus" and is … Continue Reading

    Following Jesus, Literally
  • Culture Shots

    Big Hero 6 This is in theaters now. Disney Animation has been on a roll lately and Big Hero 6 continues that trend. This is actually a Marvel comic book which Disney has taken in their own … Continue Reading

    Culture Shots