• Not That Kind Of Story

    All stories are made up of pieces of other stories. Often writers do this unintentionally, just borrowing from the common well of tropes and archetypes that permeate our culture. Other times writers … Continue Reading

    Not That Kind Of Story
  • Bigger On The Inside

    Jesus' death on a cross is a politically subversive act, but it is also a psychologically subversive one. Dying to self is the practice of vulnerability which is the epitome of art. We are bigger on … Continue Reading

    Bigger On The Inside
  • What the Bible is NOT

    Earlier this week I wrote something on facebook that struck a chord with some people: The Bible is not the Word of God. Jesus is the Word of God. We go to the Bible because of the testimony of the … Continue Reading

    What the Bible is NOT
  • Yes you can be an Atheist Christian

    My friend and colleague John Shuck recently wrote a guest post for the Friendly Atheist in which he gave this description of his own beliefs: Religion is a human construct The symbols of faith are … Continue Reading

    Yes you can be an Atheist Christian