• A Crumb Plummets

    It's my tradition to do a sermon every year at Easter as a spoken word poem. I've done a couple for Christmas Eve this way too. I think it's important for our theological language to break out of … Continue Reading

    A Crumb Plummets
  • The Heresies of “Discovery”

    I'll start, I think, with our Enemy of the Moment: ISIS. What is it that ISIS does which is so reprehensible? To name a few things: Kill people who don’t convert to their particular form of … Continue Reading

    The Heresies of “Discovery”
  • Jesus is a SJW

    It's kind of terrifying how much currency toxic masculinity is gaining on the internet. Doug, and Nick, and I are doing some research for a project we will eventually share with you and the rabbit … Continue Reading

    Jesus is a SJW
  • Podcasting Hell

    We finally wrestled a little time out of our schedules to do some podcasting. We know that what everyone is thinking about the day after Easter is really the depraved doctrine of eternal conscious … Continue Reading

    Podcasting Hell